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Creating that value proposition to sell your business or destination is essential to increased visitation and sales. Airlines do it with rewards programs and the always-enticing seat sale. Destinations do it by offering something unique and different that the consumer can’t get at home. Give people great memories and they will be your number one sales people. It also never hurts to have a finely tuned message, a great website, and an endorsement in the travel section from a major daily newspaper to drive you business.

BC Hughes has teamed up with some of Canada’s most creative and skilled advertising craftspeople to deliver results for your campaign. Since we live and breathe all aspects of the tourism supply chain, we understand your product and target audience like no other. We deliver world-class campaigns that produce results.

Marketing Strategy Development & Delivery

Realizing that tourism agencies are not flushed with cash, drives our team to be even more creative and develop strategies that wont break the bank and will drive business. Let us dig into an existing strategy and help with the delivery or build a new one from the ground up.

“Our expectations were exceeded and your efforts are appreciated.”
  Mike Fair
Bruce Coast Lighthouse Partners


Media Relations

Travel media have the best job in the world (next to ours) and can make a huge impact on your destination or business. Building and delivering appealing familiarization tours is critical if you want to get noticed. We’ve hosted media from around the world resulting in millions of dollars of PR value. Here are just a few:

  • The New York Times China Travel Channel
  • PBS – Great Getaways
  • www.sina.com
  • National Geographic Traveler
  • Toronto Star
  • News Limited (Australia)
  • Supertrax International
  • Canadian Biker Magazine Inside Motorcycles
  • SBS TV Korea
“I met Chris while I was in Canada on his familiarization tour and found him to be one of the funniest, most switched on, well-organized, yet laid back people I have met in this role.’’
  Angela Saurine
National Travel Reporter, News Limited (Australia)
Website Design & Development

If you like this website then you know what we can do. Our team can help identify what you want a site to do and make it happen. Oh yah, it will look pretty cool too.

Website Marketing and Social Media Development

We use ‘informants’ at local high schools to keep up on the latest trends in digital media. Seriously… we’ve teamed up with some of this Country’s brightest and best experts to deliver dynamic solutions to help get you noticed and develop long lasting relationships with your customers.


Spectacular imagery sells. We work with several independent photographers that have created special contract rates to come to your location and get you some serious pics. Having an inventory of photos and video pays dividends.

Graphic Design and Creative Direction

Picture the biggest computer monitors known to man, a team wired on double shot espresso flavoured candy and crazy electronic music buzzing in the background. Now you have the full picture of our design team. We work with them to continually push the envelope and create amazing tourism collateral. They can put your brand on a truck, brochure, guidebook, map, or ad.

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