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igottagopee- The unknown tourist.

Have you ever actually been afraid to get out of the car once you have arrived at your destination?

Have you ever spent precious minutes trying to find that public washroom when all you hear is “Mommy I gotta go pee”?

Have you ever become irritated with your spouse when you missed that last exit because you "didn’t see the sign"?

Great destinations have thought all aspects of the visitor experience through, right down to the fine details that really make a difference… like where the potty is. Having an objective evaluation of your destination is worth its weight in happy customers. BC Hughes can assist you to make sure there are no gaps in the experience chain and help you plan and implement some of the simple things that will set you apart from everyone and everywhere else.

Visitor Experience Assessment

Armed with a critical mind and the latest camera technology, we will ‘slip’ into your community as a tourist and evaluate you on everything from signage and service to attractions and your authenticity. The format is fun and informative and will give you some immediate insights to focus on that won’t break the bank. What you get:

  • 1-3 days on the ground assessment depending on size and scope
  • ½ day photographic findings presentation to key stakeholders
  • Summary assessment report with real achievable recommendations

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BCHughes-WayfindingSignage and Wayfinding

All of us travel, and are tourists. This often means landing in an unfamiliar country, getting a subcompact rental car that may be a right hand drive, then setting out with a printed Google map that you brought with you. Suddenly you realize you used it to play X’s and O’s on the plane. That sign you just passed instantly became your best friend.

Now come back to where you live, shop and entertain. Pretend for one of your trips to the park that you have never been there before. How would a tourist react, navigate and find their way to your favourite scenic spot in town? Could they get there?

It’s not hard to believe that the majority of destinations and attractions are not signed properly. Effective signage is proven to be one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to attract people to a business or attraction. At BC Hughes we want people to find you and your biggest assets!
That’s why we have teamed up with North America’s leading signage and wayfinding firm to deliver destination wayfinding and signage systems that work. From sign type, font, colour, reflectivity, placement, messaging, all aspects of the system are researched, analyzed and spec’d to fit your destination or business.

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Project Management

Don’t have the time or internal resources to manage a specific tourism project? Let us take the load off and help you deliver on time.

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