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BC Hughes Tourism Consulting was formed in 2006 out of years of hands-on practical tourism development experience where the focus has always been on building better tourism destinations and experiences.

The formula is simple: Offer a unique experience, make people laugh and smile, and make it memorable. Sounds easy? It is, but takes research, creative ideas, a crafted delivery, and a buy in from all those involved to exceed people's expectations day in and day out. Why is it so important to continually review and evaluate our destinations? Because people’s time is invaluable, and we owe it to them to deliver the best experience possible each and every time.

Because we’re all tourists.


Bev Hughes

Seeing the need to make destinations better, Bev founded the company after working for one of the worlds best destination developers - Intrawest. Being able to plan, fabricate and sell a new destination from start to finish is, let’s just say - pretty cool.

Realizing that small communities or attractions can’t afford the multi million-dollar makeover, Bev brings her skills to the plate to find solutions that work from the ground up. A business grad at Wilfrid Laurier University, Bev achieved her designation as a Chartered Accountant before making the switch to a much more exciting industry. Make no bones about it Bev is accountable and always looks at projects from the feasibility and return on investment perspective, a very skilled resource to have on any team.

Trails are the chosen path for Bev when not at work, either on foot, or on her mountain bike chasing her kids down the escarpment.

Contact Bev about your big idea and she’ll give you the straight goods on whether it will work or not.



Chris Hughes

Chris has a special gift. He sees opportunities where others simply don’t.

As an example, Chris pioneered the motorcycle tourism industry in Ontario Canada and realized that bikers travel with only two things in addition to a really cool bike: A change of clothes (optional) and a credit card. Today’s ‘bikers’ spend money on their ride and on the journey. Cater to them and you both come out smiling.

Chris is also incredibly meticulous about the little things that make great destinations. All of those things you don’t want to think about when on a trip, he stresses over. Signage and wayfinding, parking, customer service, washrooms, and maps etc. are critical to making people happy, and often over looked. Getting these issues on the front burner is what drives him every day.

Chris was educated at the University of Waterloo in Honours Geography and then kicked off a 15-year career on the ground working in tourism product development and marketing for several agencies - most notably the County of Bruce in Ontario, Canada. Chris lives to ride motorcycles and mountain bikes exploring North America with his family one gear at a time.

Chris looks forward to assisting you in coming up with the next BIG idea, and in helping to get all those little things in order.

Contact Chris to discuss how he can help get you on the map.


Brad Smith
Creative Director

Brad brings to the BC Hughes team a design standard that is usually found in those really really big firms that are located in tall towers in major urban centres. The thing is Brad, like BC Hughes has placed a high emphasis on quality of life and chooses to make his mark from the shores of Lake Huron/Georgian Bay where he is a tourist each and every day.

Brad has a keen eye for professionalism and his number one goal is to give you and your destination brand the image to heighten your game and compete in the big leagues. Brad is an integral part of the BC Hughes destination development process creating and shaping identities for everything from downtowns, individual experiences to mom and pop owned and operated tourism businesses.

Brad was imported all the way from Sydney, Australia and we now share his passion for vegemite and Fosters Lager.



Kristin Freiburger
Product Development and Communications Specialist

Telling the stories and creating unique experiences are two fundamental elements of getting visitors to your area. Having travelled to many destinations with her trusty backpack, Kristin understands the importance of this.

Like Dora the Explorer she also calls her backpack ‘Backpack’. As Product Development and Communications Specialist, Kristin will help you tell the story of your destination. Kristin has a strong communications background having received a B.A. in Sociology at Brock University and a Post Grad in Corporate Communications at Seneca College.

Her knowledge in both traditional and social media is an asset for getting your destination in the limelight. When not at her desk Kristin can be found with ‘Backpack’ exploring the trails, snow covered hills and water with her fiancé Diego. 


Alanna Davidson
Product Development and Communication Specialist

When visiting a new city or town, have you just chilled on a bench to watch the world pass, enriched your mind reading an interpretive display about the secret tunnel the lies beneath your feet or stopped to smell the flowers? These are the important details that make destinations great and these are the ‘big’ destination pieces that drive Alanna each and every day. She understands what makes places tick.

Hailing from Port Elgin along the Bruce Coast, Alanna sailed back to her hometown after her urban escapades and quest for higher learning adventures. A graduate from McMaster University in Hamilton, she has already had an illustrious career working in the cultural tourism and municipal tourism sectors.

star Economic Developers Association of Canada Best Marketing Piece
star Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation
Best Tourism Partnership, Georgian Bay Destination Development Partnership
star Charlie Kelly Tourism Contribution Award 2002 & 2010
star Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation
Best Marketing Campaign Under $25k – Ride Grey Bruce Motorcycle Touring Route
star Motorcycle Supershow – Best Motorcycle Campaign

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